Bend of Ivy hosts many yoga, spiritual, healing and artistic retreats throughout the year. The land is often called ‘magical’, ‘healing’ and ‘home’ by guests who visit, some regularly throughout the years. Gardens and woodlands enfold those wandering and exploring, or just being.

In general, the workshop or event organizer books the retreat, and individuals make arrangements with the organizer, rather than booking rooms directly with us.

* Yoga sessions take place in the pavilion, meeting room or outside around the pond or along the river.
* Massage treatments may be offered in many different spaces, including the boathouse, pavilion, lodge downstairs meeting space or the Roadhouse spa bathroom.
* Many meditation spaces, for individuals or groups, are nestled throughout. Often a guest
Labyrinth walk at Bend of Ivy Lodgemay be seen meditating or journaling in the meditation garden or on the Labyrinth rock.
* Writing and art retreats find creative energy that flows on the land. Often the bright open lodge dining hall serves as a creative art room.

“As soon as I walked into Bend of Ivy Lodge, I knew our retreats had found a home. The beautiful simplicity of the Lodge, the care taken in the surrounding landscape, the right mindfulness that the space engenders–all of it so beautifully supports our retreats on living more intentionally and creatively.” – Patti Digh, Author of Life is a Verb

This is a unique place, and we will do our utmost to help you decide if it’s the right place for your event. We recommend the following process:

  • Explore this site to see if it looks like a fit for your needs.
  • Contact Susan to ask about your event. We can answer your questions and discuss available dates, costs, specifics about your facility needs, group size, etc.
  • Contact our office as far in advance as possible; your preferred dates are very unlikely to be available on short notice.
  • Come look around, if at all possible. Almost everyone loves the Lodge and land when they visit, and a visit confirms that it’s the right place. It’s in our interests, and yours, to be sure that it’s a fit before you book.
  • Please schedule your visit in advance. We do not show the Lodge when groups are in, so it’s important to find a time that works for everyone. Ask for directions from our office; Mapquest and Google will get you lost!
  • If we are a good fit, and settle on dates, we’ll issue a contract. When returned with your deposit, the contract will hold your dates. A second deposit is generally due six weeks before your event; final payment is due before your departure.
  • When you’re here, we give you as much privacy as possible. We encourage you to feel at home, and to fully enjoy the Lodge and land while you’re here.

” … an oasis of learning in this beautiful facility. The natural setting encourages both relaxation and concentration, and the accommodations are comfortable while being a world away from the airless, joyless atmosphere of most conference centers and hotels.”
Andrew Lovett; Participant, instructional design workshop