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Susan Walters Minker

It’s good to be curious about a person who may be your collaborative coaching partner.

I partner with clients desiring to grow their being and well-being … their self-development, leadership development, resiliency and/ or life transition capacity.

My roles include partner, guide, teacher, reflector, active listener and accountability voice. We partner together to explore desired changes in your life, both personal and professional. Often, one’s personal and professional life reflect similar overlapping of desires, fears and practiced automatic responses. Practiced wiring.

What’s my coaching approach?

I partner with clients in a process of curiosity and awakening. Trained in many diverse methods, I coach clients desiring new levels of self-development, leadership development and life transition support.

I coach with modern and ancient wisdoms and practices, offering tools for shifts and awakening of mind, body and spirit. As a developmental coach, I provide a safe space to explore self-awareness of triggers, habits, mind patterns, drivers, desires and fears.

How do your views, perspectives and cognitive reactions (mind chatter) support you? Or not support you? We explore that. Our conversations are not about the past, as in therapy. Our conversations are about the present, with an eye to your desired future. We explore, what would an extraordinary life be for you in the future?

I practice a sound coaching process that’s effective. It’s evolved due to trainings from the immense energies and expertise of many leading somatic and developmental coaches, leadership masters, and eastern and western wisdoms.

My coaching offers a specific process:

  • Intake Assessment
  • Coaching Offer, mutually agreed upon
  • Accountability measures
  • Schedule framework, and flexibility
  • 6-12 months recommended minimum coaching
  • Check-ins at each session and every few months of desired development
  • Closure assessment

I coach with heart, compassion, empathy, direct feedback, accountability and a sound coaching process. I’m a developmental coach and Certified Presence-Based® Coach, as well as Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation. I’m also in certification process for System Dynamics for Organizations and Individuals.

Trainings include presence-based coaching, mindfulness, meditation, adult development theory, complexity theory, energy activation, system dynamics and diverse somatic practices. Many modalities and wisdoms weave together to support our coaching work. This means our work goes as deep as you want. Just the process of starting is a huge step.

What do you want, now and in your future?

What dream, change would create an exceptional life for you? You direct the desired work. Often my clients find a growing self-awareness of body and mind. Shifts or ‘ah ha moments’ are frequently experienced for offering insights on fears and desires, clarity and new learning edges.

“… unfortunately anxiety and lack of self-confidence has played a big role in my life. ….  All that changed when Susan became my Life Coach. … It was different from anything I have ever done. Susan is strong yet nurturing. We did exercises that I could incorporate into my everyday life. She actually gave me tools to use to deal with my life stressors.” (Female, J).

Our Coaching Conversations:

Coaching conversations often take place via virtual coaching conversations (phone or Skype). These are effective, and eliminate geographical limitations. In person coaching session are available as well. Both coaching programs are very effective.

Our coaching conversations include:

  • Deep inquiry, direct feedback given with respect and reflections offering possible perspective shifts (‘ah hah’ moment things).
  • Focus on the current coaching session need, a ‘Today’s Focus’.
  • Action steps.
  • Take-aways.
  • Practice around making and  responding to requests.
  • Accountability partner – me
  • Somatic (mind-body) awareness exercises.
  • Introducing and practicing developmental tools, ie polarity management.

Focusing on building present moment awareness strengthens living in the present and living in the future. As humans, triggers are part of our beings and provide constant opportunity for practice. Coaching sessions give you space and practice opportunity, for figuring out triggers and choosing new responses and behaviors (thus, rewiring those old tracks and grooves of the brain).


We discuss your interests and needs to determine if coaching together fits, for us both. My intent is that you are well-supported in your developmental journey. Moving forward, I’ll send an Intake Form for you to complete. The Intake Form itself may offer opportunities for some new insights for you. You’re welcome to answer as deeply, or lightly, as feels comfortable. The more information, the more possible insights may be gathered.

  • We review the Intake Form, lightly.
  • Desired projects and outcomes are discussed. You determine your desired work.
  • Coaching session schedule is discussed, including frequency. Generally 6-12 month minimum is suggested for work to deepen, impact.

What is Developmental Coaching?

Developmental coaching is an intentional coaching approach of increasing awareness and perspective which supports deep shifts in consciousness. This approach helps make the invisible, visible in what people may feel, see, believe and understand of their complex world. By making the unconscious become conscious, more choice and resilience is available.

As a Certified Presence-Based® Coach, I’m trained and certified in a rigorous advanced coaching training program designed and taught by Doug Silsbee’s Presence-Based Leadership Development (PBC) program. Doug’s leadership coaching training program has developed over the last 20 years with deep somatic practices, tools and neuroplasticity research.

Presence-Based Leadership is about awakening to our context, and discerning our contribution. Making courageous commitments. Taking coherent, skillful, and authentic action. Doing the inner work of self-development. And, building the foundation of Presence, the meta-competency of aliveness, resilience, and creativity.” Doug Silsbee, author and creator.

My Background:

My coaching clients come from diverse backgrounds and journeys. Clients include scholars, coaches, C-level and mid-level managers, entrepreneurs, academia professionals, and whole being wellness seekers. Personal and professional journeys often include similar desires, fears and hidden assumptions.

I’m an entrepreneur and coach, with experience in many kinds of entities. My experiences cross many fields, including coaching, human resources, landscape design, operations, program management, marketing, sales and business development.

I have facilitated and coached within small and large organizations, start-ups, non-profits, and with individuals and teams. I am a leadership coach for University of North Carolina’s BRIDGES program, a women’s leadership initiative.

Besides numerous coaching certifications and trainings, I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, Masters in Landscape Studies (Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA), Graduate Certificate in Technology and Communications (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and B.S. in Marketing (Ohio State University).

Bend of Ivy Lodge, summer pond © Bren Photography / www.brenphotography.net

Bend of Ivy Lodge pond.

As CEO/ co-founder of Intentional Growth LLC (IG) I steward well-being for people, planet, purpose and organizations. We support development of individuals, nonprofits, companies and conscious capital initiatives. IG owns, stewards and manages Bend of Ivy Lodge (BOI).

Created as a unique nature-oriented retreat and education center, Bend of Ivy (BOI) nurtures people and organizations with lodging and meeting spaces for deep conversations and growth. Bend of Ivy (BOI) is located an easy 20 miles from downtown Asheville and is available for rent as a private eco-friendly retreat and event space. Coaching sessions may also take place at Bend of Ivy,  as part of a Personal Retreat package or individual coaching session.

Clients words:

Letting go of a self-critical voice and self-judgement are common needs for us humans. Growing presence, which means living in the present with self-awareness are a focus of PBC coaching methodology.

“…..  Susan’s kind and thoughtful approach soon put me at ease.  One of the obstacles I soon discovered was that I did not take the time to reflect and organize my thoughts.  Susan helped me organize my thoughts in such a way that I was able to tackle some of the life challenges that arose with confidence and insight…” (client, P).

“… I can genuinely say Susan’s teachings have enriched my life. I feel I’m on my path to finally recognize and let my authentic self come to life. Thank you Susan!” (Female, J).

“She has a way of providing guidance without completely taking over the process.  Her gentle reminders of what I had discovered in previous sessions, along with probing questions, resulted in very productive and useful discoveries. Susan has a gift that is not common and that makes her truly unique and gifted at what she does.” (Female Client, P).

If curious and interested in finding out more, wonderful.  Please call or email me. We’ll schedule a conversation to explore if coaching together may benefit your life, personal and professional journey.




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