As in any outdoor setting, there are things to look out for. While wildflowers and great blue herons call this valley home, so do poison ivy and an occasional snake.  You’re most likely to see a black snake, a beneficial snake that keeps rodents in control.

The rocks at the river are very slippery, and we encourage people to not wade in the river. The pond is yours to enjoy, but obviously there is no lifeguard. Children should not be around the river or pond without supervision. The pond is four feet deep at the dock, and very shallow at the waterfall end.

Nuts and Bolts

The Lodge was built to support groups seeking deep experiences of connection, conversations, healing and enjoying nature. It is a special and memorable place for many. Please keep this in mind as you enjoy the Lodge, and help us with the following:

  • Please take your shoes off when you enter the basement or the main hall. There are shoe racks, with slippers, inside the front doors and the south door in the basement.
  • Please refrain from drinking alcohol while at the Lodge.For special events, inquire on Alcohol Waiver.
  • Each guest bed supplied with sheets, pillowcase, blanket and towel set.
  • Extra bedding and towels in the balcony closet upstairs and first floor utility closet. Cleaning supplies in the Lodge entryway closet. Extra toilet paper and Kleenex are in the entryway storage bench. Light bulbs in the entry credenza.  Extra trash bags are under the buffet counter in the kitchen.
  • Bathrooms showers have organic soap, shampoo and conditioner supplied in wall dispenser. Hair dryers are located in each bathroom.
  • There are labeled waste cans in the general kitchen. Aluminum and steel cans, glass, and corrugated cardboard can be recycled; please put them all in the cans and we’ll sort it out later.
  • Blue tooth sound system in Lodge Main Meeting Hall.
  • The electrical panel box is on the wall in the lower floor storage room (behind the small sink area.)
  • The main hall ceiling fans are controlled by a remote that is kept with the sound equipment. The upstairs switch (second from the left switch at the top of the steps) must be on in order for the remote to work. Please do not let children use the remote.  Do not reverse the fan motor while it is turning, or damage may occur.
  • The Lodge office number is 828-645-0505. The office is in the Farmhouse, also property manager residence.
  • When preparing to leave, please strip your bed, placing your sheets and towels in your pillowcase. Leave them in lodge entryway, near the front door. Please also pick up the main hall, kitchen, and other common areas, and run the dishwasher.

Lastly, please relax and enjoy this place we call home. We are grateful for this place and home, and hope that you will be too.