Personal Retreats

IMG_9915In response to many requests, Bend of Ivy Lodge is now offering personal retreats at a very low cost. These retreats are intended for people seeking to deepen a spiritual practice or to spend time in solitude or with another person for creativity or contemplation. Because Bend of Ivy is designed for larger group retreats and workshops, persons coming on personal retreat should understand that:

  • Reservations must be booked within six weeks of the desired date, and paid for in advance by check.
  • Reservations are subject to cancellation if a large group needs the space after the reservation is made. (In practice, this rarely happens within four weeks, but it is possible. A full refund will be issued if this is necessary.)
  • Reservations must include a minimum of two nights.
  • Arrival time, 5pm or after. Departure time, before 1pm. If exception needed, please inquire.
  • No food service, instruction, or guidance is available; retreatant(s) should be self-sufficient.
  • Because of the large discount in price, retreatant(s) are expected to leave the facility clean and ready for the next guests.

The following costs will apply:

  • For the Lodge, the cost is $200/night for one person, $300/night for two, $375 for three, and $440 for four.
  • For the studio apartment, the cost is $100/night for one person $160/night, for two people and $75/person for each additional person.
  • A cleaning fee is charged on final bill, non-taxable item.