lodge xmasEnjoy Wellness Weekend, January  27-29 in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Delight your Full Being!

Come, begin the new year with a wellness intention.  Immerse yourself at Bend of Ivy Lodge, a magical nature haven,  for a renewal weekend of  whole being wellness.

Start the year, and this life point, embracing whole being health. Experience, learn & cleanse your gut, mind, body and soul! Your gut health, microbiomes and all, makes a difference in changing your body and health.

You’re invited to come, share and experience DelightFullBeing Winter Retreat, a Body Wisdom Retreat at Bend of Ivy Lodge!  


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3717 Bend of Ivy Road, Marshall, NC 28753

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Just imagine the new year starts and the holidays are over. How delightful would it be to relax and renew in a 63 acre nature haven nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, while cleansing your gut, body, mind and soul? Experiencing and learning wellness in a delightful weekend of…

* Fascinating, holistic wellness workshops sharing Eastern and Western health wisdoms and practices. Fun cooking classes!

* Stay in comfortable, cozy lodging with option of morning meditations and yoga. Relax with plenty of downtime spaces through the weekend.

* Enjoy creative somatic (mind-body) practices that de-stress the body and mind. Cleanse and open the  the mind, organs, spirit, gut and whole being. Great for all experience levels. why_yuva_wellness1

* Treat your gut with delicious healthy whole food meals and herbal metabolic brews and teas. Cleansing your gut, body and microbiomes for wellness impact!

* Feel support and community. Experience a weekend of interesting conversation, or spacious alone time, with other wellness seekers and practitioners.

* Enjoy and detox with  yoga, qigong, wellness and herbal education and personal wholebeing coaching session to support your wellness journey.

* Create change and new habits. Or just be.


What will happen? Imagine detoxing your gut while experiencing deep, and sometimes ancient, wellness practices in an amazing place of beauty, nature and spaciousness. And in the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains near cool downtown Asheville!

Body Wisdom delightful detoxers! Photo by Dava Melton.

What a great way to start to the new year! Past retreat participants have experienced some amazing results of diet and food habit changes, weight loss, bloat reduction, energy increase, stress reduction ++

Some previous participant comments:

“I experienced a weight loss of 15 lbs in the first 3 weeks after last January’s Body Wisdom Retreat. And, it stayed off. More importantly, bloating issues I’d had for decades decreased during the detoxing retreat, then disappeared. An unexpected gift!”

“The educational programs were game changers for me. I learned impactful old and new wisdoms regarding herbal supplements, herbal metabolic teas & broths, holistic cooking and microbiome gut health. We even had food shopping tutorial on how to read and discern healthy ingredients on packaging labels.”

“Everything was wonderful and exceeded expectations. Loved how much time in nature was River fall viewincluded.”



This retreat is designed for a gentle reset of gut, body, mind and soul. Our Spring Wellness Immersion retreat will be 5 day deep dive detox experience.

Plant seeds for healthier long-term wisdom and habits. Join passionate wellness partners and guides juicing-shutterstockJackie Dobrinska (herbalist yogini, wellness coach and author) and Susan Walters Minker (developmental coach, wellness practitioner, Bend of Ivy steward).

Jackie and Susan are passionate and excited about the exploding subject of whole being wellness…. this includes gut health, microbiomes and somatic + emotional wellness, and more! Our wellness team (including other delightful practitioners) guides with heart and experience in their wellness modalities.

Knowledge and awareness can be a game changer for health and the personal wellness journey. Educating people so they can make shifts of healing and wellness for themselves, whether a small or big change, is a passion for us.

The DelightFullBeing Retreat will be educational and impactful to those new to gut cleansing (detoxing), as well as those experienced with detoxing. Why? That’s feedback we often hear from past participants.

Prepare to indulge with scrumptious meals and snacks, while learning about winter gut balancing on a whole new level. Why go in January? It’s a gentle and impactful way to cleanse, heal and ignite your gut and body energy fire for the start of the new year. Ready to register! Then click here  for registration form. 


Lemon water lightWhat to expect??

Delight, and cleanse, your whole being in delightful spacious weekend of mind, body and soul TLC.

~ Nutritious organic whole food creations by amazing retreat and person chef!

~ Gut balancing, bloat reducing foods + teas!

~ Somatic flows, qigong, yoga + creative arts.

~ Experiential + educational wellness sessions.

~ Nature, soulful mountains, fire pit circle + supportive tribe of fellow wellness seekers.

~ Playtime + downtime!!

~ Spaciousness and pause for body, mind + soul.


Renew body and mind in relaxing workshops with lots of spacious open time.

Winter pond 2016What lovely experiences can you choose, on the land or in the comfortable lodge? Scenic nature walks, river play and relaxation (lovely place to soak or cairn build), journal or read lounging by Koi pond or fire pit, Labyrinth walk, goat watching, trail walking/ running or just napping.NCWeddingPhotographer_BrenPhotography_128

Relax and cleanse yourself with amazing whole food meals, herbal supplements and teas, nature, hikes, yoga, qigong, massage, supportive coaching, +++. Nestle in nature at relaxing Bend of Ivy Lodge. Enjoy yoga + detox + wellness education surrounded by the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains.


Come, experience our wellness retreat in the heart holding Blue Ridge Mountains, nestled in the comfortable lodge and 63 acre nature haven of Bend of Ivy Lodge.  

Lodge remodeled entry


Retreat Details:

Dates: January 27-29, 2017. Friday at 4pm to Sunday at 2pm.

Retreat fee includes delicious detox meals, comfortable lodging, detox/ metabolic teas and supplements, relaxing yoga and wellness programs. Spots limited, so register early! Great wellness gift for friend or loved one.

Bring a friend, and receive a discount: Enjoy with a friend! Ask us about bring.a.friend discount.

Registration, questions: Email [email protected]. Check (payable to Bend of Ivy Lodge) or Credit cards accepted through PayPal. Checks preferred, if possible. Ready to register! Then click here for registration form. 

BOI address: Bend of Ivy Lodge, 3717 Bend of Ivy Road, Marshall, NC 28753


Registration fee includes:lifebalance designs back copy

  • Semi-private lodging. (Private room may be available for additional fee).
  • Nutritious and delicious whole food meals.
  • Detoxing meals, teas and herbal supplements.
  • Yoga, qigong, meditation, nature walks, somatic play, art, evening fire pit circle and wellness programs.
  • Programs & tools for: stress reduction, sleep hygiene, restore proper digestion, immune system support and wholebeing developmental coaching session.

Experience, Detox, Grow, Relax, Renew….. How?

Your choice …

smoothiesYoga, qigong, meditation, nature, relaxation, deliciously detoxing whole foods meals (with supplements and detox drinks), self-awareness practices, creative arts, reflection time, nature walks, self-renewal time, wholebeing coaching session and post cleanse self-support tips. Massage therapy sessions, optional for additional fee.




Wellness seeker? Welcome, please join us for experiential education, renewal and community with other wellness seekers. To come, click here for registration form. Complete registration form and return by email ([email protected] ).  Or mail with check.Susan Walters

3717 Bend of Ivy Road
Marshall, NC 28753

Checks or credit cards accepted, checks preferred. Check payment info on registration form.  Credit card and Paypal payments accepted through Paypal, click here.

BOI entrance viewHave questions, or want to inquire on bring.a.friend discount, please email [email protected]

Retreat, pause and breathe.