Well-Being Wisdoms: 8 Resiliency Buildings Steps.

The body is wise. Learn to listen to its wisdoms, and well-being options and choices open up. Resiliency increases. And, listening to the body is a constant practice.

I started this blog months ago, and didn’t post it. I’m sharing it now, as life changes quickly. What I continue to learn keeps shaping my wisdoms, […]

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Well-Being: What Does It Mean to You?

Sometimes I feel like a traveler on an ever unfolding, awakening life journey. Oh… I am!
An ongoing curiosity for me on this life journey is around well-being, and what it means. The meaning changes as I change, and my awareness and context change.

What’s well-being mean to you?

Words can have different meanings for people, depending on individual meaning-making. […]

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Savor Life: When Less Can Be More

Life continually shifts and unfolds in each moment. It changes. We change in each moment as our world and personal ecosystem change. How we respond to our changes makes a difference in the unfolding of our journeys.

Dig deep, what’s wanted in your unconscious and conscious? Hopefully remember, and learn or relearn to savor joys […]

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Conscious Capitalism “In Action”

Conscious Capitalism (Part 2) – Conscious Capitalism “In Action”
By Alan Minker

The quality of the harvest is only as good as the seeds you sow, the earth where you plant them, and the care provided to the crops.

The four principles of conscious capitalism must all be concurrently present to truly create a long-term healthy […]

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Body Nudges Versus Mind Tugs.

I love to write. And, I have so many blog snippets started and not finished. I haven’t published many of my blog posts. Why not?

My swirling mind chatter usually stops me with:
my blog or story is not interesting or good enough …I should have more words/ content in my blogs … I don’t have time […]

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Sharing Joy with Whales

A magnificent Queen of the Ocean, a mother humpback whale, and her baby, recently blessed a group of us whale watching seekers. What a delightful pleasure!

Our group set off in two boats on a whale watching excursion in a remote bay off the coast of Mexico. Our expectations were low, as our guide had emphasized it was […]

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What’s Emerging, Calling for You?

A new year starts now. It feels both focused and uncertain as to what will emerge in the upcoming future.

For me, the past year brought growth, uncertainty and gifts. Some expected and some unexpected in each area. As often happens, the unexpected gifts usually brought deep new insights.

What’s emerging for you now as you look at your life journey, […]

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Roots: Anchoring People and Plants

A word that washed over me strongly last weekend was ‘roots’.

I listened to my lively mom relive memories from her childhood and young adult years as she slowly drove down old established neighborhoods, introducing my sister and me to the town she’d recently returned to call home. She shared distant memories, mostly happy, as she pointed out […]

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Resiliency: Life + Lodge

Watching birds flitter and perch in bare trees, so visible in winter bark, soothes my being. Their calls and chirps flow like music through the air, breaking the beautiful stillness of nature. Seems body wiring and neurons relax, and my heart feels good. Thought about adding on my ‘Love to Learn’ list, understanding bird calls. I’m curious, what […]

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Conscious Capitalism In Action

“People just want business to do good. It’s that simple.” – John Mackey, co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market.

This quote cuts to the core of what Conscious capitalism means. We are a society of heroes and villains, and business in America has earned a negative reputation over the years. Stories of big businesses steamrolling […]

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