About Susan Walters

Susan's current life journeys involve stepping into dreams and desires. She stewards & co-owns Bend of Ivy Lodge, a nature-focused Asheville area retreat, education and events center. Susan is also a certified developmental coach, with credentials as an ACC and Presence-Based® coach. Open and curious, Susan enjoys learning and mixing eastern and western knowledge and wisdoms. Loves include: beloved husband Alan, family, extended family of dogs, goat herd, writing, intuitive painting, workouts, yoga, hikes & somatic play.

What’s Emerging, Calling for You?

A new year starts now. It feels both focused and uncertain as to what will emerge in the upcoming future.

For me, the past year brought growth, uncertainty and gifts. Some expected and some unexpected in each area. As often happens, the unexpected gifts usually brought deep new insights.

What’s emerging for you now as you look at your life journey, […]

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Roots: Anchoring People and Plants

A word that washed over me strongly last weekend was ‘roots’.

I listened to my lively mom relive memories from her childhood and young adult years as she slowly drove down old established neighborhoods, introducing my sister and me to the town she’d recently returned to call home. She shared distant memories, mostly happy, as she pointed out […]

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Resiliency: Life + Lodge

Watching birds flitter and perch in bare trees, so visible in winter bark, soothes my being. Their calls and chirps flow like music through the air, breaking the beautiful stillness of nature. Seems body wiring and neurons relax, and my heart feels good. Thought about adding on my ‘Love to Learn’ list, understanding bird calls. I’m curious, what […]

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Conscious Capitalism In Action

“People just want business to do good. It’s that simple.” – John Mackey, co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market.

This quote cuts to the core of what Conscious capitalism means. We are a society of heroes and villains, and business in America has earned a negative reputation over the years. Stories of big businesses steamrolling […]

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Meaningful Gift: Sitting with Rumi

A special gift bequeathed years ago to Bend of Ivy re-emerged recently. Who gave the gift? Individuals connected together 5 years ago through CTI Leadership retreats on the Bend of Ivy lands, the Air Dragons tribe. I’m sure many lives changed while the Air Dragon’s were at BOI. Seems that happens a lot here.

Thank […]

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Purple in the Garden, Soul & Mind

Purple and blue petals are splayed across the pond garden beds now. Truly a visual delight. These color hues are glorious, powerful and resonate calmly with the mind and soul. That made me curious. What’s the meaning, interpretations of the color purple?

Researching the significance of purple opened up interesting articles and thoughts regarding this delicious color. I know […]

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Spring, Renewal + Pause

Spring is inspiring! Each day brings forward a new discovery, new emerging growth in the gardens and land at Bend of Ivy. The season reminds me of of the beauty of renewal. Simple and powerful.

My walks tend to become meandering, and I pause. My heart feels lighter and I breathe deeper. Also, just a glimpse of those […]

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Welcome to the Bend of Ivy Blog!

Welcome to Bend of Ivy Lodge’s new website! We’re happy that you’re visiting our virtual Bend of Ivy home! It’s a special space and place, and often described as ‘magical’. The land, water, nature, buildings and creatures are part of that magic.

Please visit our public calendar of events. Many interesting and inspiring 2015 retreats […]

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