2018 Bend of Ivy Lodge: Retreats, Workshops & Events


10-14 CTI Leadership Program, Cedar R4
16-21 CTI Leadership Program, Maples R2
26-28 Winter Intuition School Experience (W.I.S.E) with Asia Suler
29-31 Ten Women Strong with Carolyn Dragon


23-25  Winter Intuition School Experience (W.I.S.E) with Asia Suler


1-4 reTREAT with Justina Sanford & Joane Wire
5-7 Spring Presence-Based Coaching I
16-18 Winter Intuition School Experience (W.I.S.E) with Asia Suler
22-25 Presence-Based Leadership: A Retreat for Coaches and Leaders


3-5 Ten Women Strong with Carolyn Dragon
11-15 CTI Leadership Program, Maples R3
17-22 CTI Leadership Program
26-29 Private Retreat
30-May 3 Advanced ICF Approved–Living in Presence Coaching Course (LIPCC Training I)


7-10 Spring Presence-Based Coaching II
17-21 Blooming Goddess Retreat, with Yuli Ama Luna & Tara Eschenroeder


4-6 Summer Presence-Based Coaching I
7-10 Simply Be Unstoppable with Jenny Aiello
21-24 Vital Core & Consciousness: Energize Your Well BEING, with Susan Walters Minker & Rebecca Word
24- July 1 Pragmatic Dharma, with Kenneth Folk & Vince Horn


1-8 Loving Awareness, with Emily & Vince Horn
11-15 CTI Leadership Program, Maple R4
17-22 CTI Leadership Program
22-28 Soul Fire Retreat with Sera Beak


9-12 Embracing the Spirit ,with Rabbi Batsheva Meiri and Joshua Canter
20-23 Summer Presence-Based Coaching II
24-26 Special Event
30-September 3 Retreat with Sarah Thomas


7-9 Reignite-Set Your Soul on Fire with Gail Fottrell-Jones
10-12 Fall Presence-Based Coaching I
13-16 Simply Be Unstoppable with Jenny Aiello
21-23 Women’s Restorative Retreat with Paige Gilchrist & Janelle Railey       (contact pmgilchrist@gmail.com and janellerailey@gmail.com)


3-7 Advanced Circle Keeper Gathering with Tracy Roberts and Kay Pranis
9-14 CTI Leadership Training Program
17-21 CTI Leadership Training Program
22-25 Advanced ICF Approved – Living in Presence Coaching Course (LIPCC Training I)
26-28 The Art of Being & Becoming: Fall Yoga Retreat ,with Liz Delaney


1-4 Deep Magic with Maia Toll (contact info@maiatoll.com)
12-15 Fall Presence-Based Coaching II