2017 Programs


3/6-8  Presence-Based Coaching I


4/3-6 Advanced ICF Approved – Living in Presence Coaching Course (LIPCC Training II)
4/18-23 CTI Leadership Program A
4/26-30 CTI Leadership Program Impala R3


1-4  Presence-Based Coaching II
19-21 Communion – A Stone and Crystal Healing Weekend Workshop, with Sarah Thompson


2-4 Private Event
5-7 Summer Presence-Based Coaching I
8-11 Making Peace With Your Body, with Mary Underwood
14-18 Resourcing Clients for Unknowable Futures: Coaching for Complexity, Through Body, Mood, Language, and Action with Carolyn Coughlin and Doug Silsbee
23-26 Sisterhood of Voices, with Julia Speer
30-July 2 Grid Systems – Geomancy, Crystal Gridding and the Worlds we Create, with Sarah Thompson


11-16 CTI Leadership Tribe A R2
19-23 CTI Leadership Tribe Impala R4
23-29 Soul Fire Retreat with Sera Beak


3-6 5th Annual Embracing the Spirit Retreat, An Exploration into the Heart of Judaism with Rabbi Batsheva Meiri and Joshua Canter
15-20 Ancestral Medicine Retreat
21-24 Summer Presence-Based Coaching II


7-10 Jenny Aiello’s Simply Be Unstoppable Women’s Retreat
14-17 Advanced Circle Keeper Gathering
17-21 Private Event
25-27 Fall Presence-Based Coaching I
28-10/1 Embrace and Release Your Inner Yogi, with Lisa Lofthouse


4-8 CTI Leadership Program Tribe A R3
12-14 Fall Presence-Based Coaching Special Retreat
16-19 Advanced ICF Approved – Living in Presence Coaching Course (LIPCC Training I)
19-22 A Woman’s Journey Home, with Elizabeth Coker
24-29 CTI Leadership Program Tribe B R1


2-5 Maia Toll Retreat
10-12 Private Retreat
13-16 Fall Presence-Based Coaching II


2-9 Silent Meditation Retreat